When you look out your back window you see the shed that houses everything you needed. Your children’s bikes, the lawnmower, and all your outdoor equipment are all there. What you did not see before though, was how bad your shed doors are starting to look. Maybe it is time for you to replace your doors that are in rough shape or upgrade the ones you already have with the wide variety shed doors that are available in today’s market!

What is your Best Shed Door Choice?

The best shed door choice is the one that not only fits the way you want it to look but also provides the best security for your items in storage. At Shed Repair we have shed doors made from wood or fiberglass that do exactly that. When you are ready to replace your shed doors the goal is to provide amazing-looking doors with greatest security.

Let’s take a look at some of the options that are available.

Wooden Shed Doors

Wooden shed doors can be an affordable and a great option for most sheds.  While they may not offer the same security and longevity as fiberglass, wooden shed doors can be quite beautiful, and if built correctly, last a very long time, while providing robust security. 

What really makes wooden shed doors an ideal choice is that they can be custom built to the size you need.  This is not true of fiberglass doors, so if you definitely want fiberglass, you may end up needed to adjust the door width opening, and consequentially the siding as well to make them fit. 

At Shed Repair we are very serious about working closely with you when we build custom wooden shed doors. We really want all of our customers to have the best experience in getting a solid door installed that actually fits.

That being said, here are some of the types of wooden shed doors that we offer. 

Standard Wooden Shed Doors

When you look at replacing your wooden shed doors you may want something that is simple, reliable and gets the job done. Our standard wooden shed doors allow you the opportunity to replace your old shed doors with something that has a new and clean appearance and won’t detract from all the renovations you may have already done to your shed. 

At Shed Repair our “standard” shed doors are not in any way low quality.  We take great pride in our workmanship and are careful to make shed doors that will last for many years to come.  We do not aim to offer the cheapest shed door, but we aim to offer the best value in the long term. Our standard doors offer clean simple lines, but are built to the same quality standards as the rest.


When you are working on replacing your shed doors you may be looking for a way to upgrade your wooden shed doors to something that has a bit more of a classy look. We know it can feel like some doors just won’t give you the added design features you want, especially when all you are needing is something simple and yet still slightly dressed up. The look of our classic wooden doors will give you the look that makes your shed look even better than new!


Have you ever wanted to upgrade the shed on your property but want to keep the look of the old-world designs? Consider replacing your wooden shed doors with something that is new and classic all at the same time. When you desire to have the traditional-looking doors, with a high-quality replacement build.  We have traditional wooden replacement (doors with an x the bottom half of the door pane) doors that can be compatible to fit your existing shed structure. 


When you purchased your shed you quickly realized that this was going to be the perfect place to do your hobbies. What you didn’t realize was that you were going to want to let the light in more than the windows on the side of the shed. No matter if you bought your shed years ago or a few weeks ago our wooden shed doors with transoms give you that extra light you need.

Fiberglass Shed Doors

When you are repairing your shed you may feel that purchasing your shed doors should not just be a replacement in the way that they look but should also add seriously enhanced security. For that problem, we offer the solution of a wide range of replacement fiberglass doors. This not only improves your ability to add security but a clean, professional, and classy look to your shed.

Fiberglass Doors (No Glass)

Like we said earlier, the biggest thing we want to do is give you added security to your shed. With all of your life’s belongings in your shed, our fiberglass shed doors can give you just what you are looking for. These clean and simple doors allow you to add in an extra layer of desired protection. Since these doors do not have windows in them, you can rest assured that with the lock and key there is virtually no way that these doors will be tampered with or broken into.

Fiberglass Shed Doors (with Glass)

When you are replacing your shed doors for your hobby space you might want to allow in a lot of light. This provides you with the ability to make your shed feel more like a studio or office space. When you have a studio or office space you want to make sure it continues to remain secure, giving you the peace of mind that is needed.  Our replacement fiberglass doors with glass give you the ability to have additional light, added security, and the feeling of professionalism to your shed.

How Shed Repair makes buying shed doors easier?

It can be difficult to choose among all of the replacement shed door options available in today’s market. That’s why at Shed Repair we make the purchasing process as easy as possible.

  1. Measure your doors to see what size you need
  2. Go to our online store and select the door you want
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3. Wait for delivery and install your new shed doors.

Three easy steps is all it takes to take your shed from falling apart to brand new. And here, at Shed Repair that’s just what we do!