Fiberglass Shed Door FAQs

Fiberglass doors have several clear advantages, the top ones being:

  • Lighter than wood, but very durable
  • Low maintenance and very easy to clean
  • Will not warp
  • Versatile; fits most shed styles and comes with many different glass options
  • Insulated panels

The main disadvantage of fiberglass slab doors is that they come in fixed sizes, whereas our wooden doors can be custom sized if needed.

No, the only wooden parts in our fiberglass doors are the blocks installed in the doors where the hinges and latch are mounted.

Our fiberglass slab shed doors do cost more than our basic style of wooden shed doors, but they are still cheaper than our higher-end wooden shed doors, so they fall right in the middle.

No, we do not. Unlike our wooden doors which we make ourselves, all of our fiberglass doors are imported.

Including the doors, other material, time, and disposal of the old doors, our average price for installing a set of fiberglass shed doors within our 100 road mile service area is around $1200. If you live in our 100 road mile radius and would like a quote, please fill out this form.

It's pretty simple: you can buy all our fiberglass & wooden doors online by clicking here.

Get Your New Fiberglass Door And Enjoy A Low Maintenance Door!

A fiberglass exterior shed door offers significant value due to its durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency. It is more resistant to damage from weather and wear while requiring less upkeep than wood or metal. Its insulation properties help maintain interior temperatures, reducing energy costs. The aesthetic versatility of fiberglass will also enhance your shed's style and value!