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Replacement Shed Windows

Shed windows can break or the mechanism for opening them can give out. Without functioning shed windows, you have fewer options for ventilating your shed when you want to work inside. New replacement shed windows also give your building a fresh new look. 

The Process for Shed Window Repairs

Cost For Repairing A Shed Roof

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Fill out the quote request form and let us know what all you want to have repaired on your shed. We can do only windows or much more.

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We offer a variety of window types and replacement shed window sizes. Let us know what you want for an accurate estimate.

Install the Windows

Our team will come to your location and install the windows. We can even expand the shed window size if you wish.

Replacement Shed Window Repair Options

Some shed windows are the crank type which we call jalousie windows. Others are the slider type which go up and down. We can try to match your existing shed windows or change the window opening for a new window type or size.

Choose Your Window Size

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Slider Window

Slider windows come in a variety of sizes and give you the most hassle free window option.

We stock non-insulated windows with screen, in the following sizes:

  • 18′×23′
  • 18′×27′
  • 24′×27′
  • 24′×36′

Insulated windows are also available upon request.




Additions Or Replacements


While replacing your shed windows, add shutters or window boxes for an upgraded look. Choose between wooden and vinyl shutters.

Flower Boxes

Flower boxes are a beautiful addition to any garden shed, no matter what you are using it for! These boxes come a standard length of 30 inches. 


Transom windows can either be added to a door or above your existing doors. They add a great touch to almost any shed.

Replacement Shed Windows
Shed Window Repair Services

Get a Full Shed Makeover

Does your shed need more than replacement shed windows? We can provide a full shed repair including siding repair, add new doors and a new roof all for much less than a new shed will cost you. You may also consider turning a simple shed into a fancier one. It will be almost like getting a brand new shed without the hassle of removing the things stored inside the shed. 

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