Shed Removal and Demolition

Are you preparing for a new shed but need to get the old shed removed first? We offer shed removal and shed demolition services in Southeastern, PA. NOTE: We do not offer whole shed moving services. 

The Shed Removal Process

Cost For Repairing A Shed Roof

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Demolition Day

We come to your site with our equipment to demolish your shed and get it ready to take away.

Shed Removal

All of the shed debris is loaded onto our truck and trailer. Now you can prepare for your new shed.

To Demolish or to Repair a Shed?

Maybe you are weighing the options of shed demolition and removal or repairing the shed you currently have. We would be happy to offer you a free quote on both options. Most times, we can repair a shed and make it almost as good as new for a much less than the cost of a new shed. Plus, you won’t have to remove the things stored in your shed to have it repaired. 

Here are a few of the shed repair services we can offer. 

Shed Repair Near Me
Shed Roof Repairs Lancaster Pa

Shed Reroof

If your shed roof leaking you don’t need to buy a new shed, our team can fix your shed roof and re-roof it for you. It’s that easy!

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Shed Repair Lancaster Pa

Shed Doors

One of the first things to go on many sheds are the doors. Get a new set of doors for much less than a new shed with our shed door repair services.

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Shed Remodeling Services

Shed Windows

If your shed windows are no longer functioning, we can replace them with new shed windows. You’ll get the fresh air back into the shed.

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Shed Siding

Does your shed have siding that is rotting? No problem. We can fix the wooden siding or replace it with vinyl siding. 

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Misc Tasks

We can also level your shed, repair the pad, add a ramp and other related issues on a shed. In the end, your shed should be like new!

Siding Door Roof

Get a Full Shed Makeover

We can upgrade your shed to vinyl siding, add new doors and a new roof all for much less than a new shed will cost you. You may also consider turning a simple shed into a fancier one. It will be almost like getting a brand new shed without the hassle of removing the things stored inside the shed. 

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