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Shed Siding Repair

Choose between repairing your shed siding or completely revamping the shed with brand new siding. It will make a big difference in a very short time! One of our most popular shed upgrades is adding vinyl siding to an existing wood sided shed. 

The Process for Shed Siding Repairs

Cost For Repairing A Shed Roof

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Fill out the quote request form with info on the size of your shed and how you would like the siding repaired. The size of your shed is key.

Shed Siding Repair

Choose your Siding

Be sure to choose your siding type and color so we can give you a really close cost estimate for updating or repairing your shed siding. 

Install the Siding

When we agree on a price, we will send our team to either repair the shed siding or upgrade it with new siding.

Shed Siding Repair Options

You can either repair or replace your shed siding. When we repair shed siding, we can simply replace a section where the shed siding is rotting out. Or we can replace the entire siding panels. Better yet, upgrade your shed to vinyl siding for a maintenance free shed repair. 

Repair or Replace your Wooden Siding

Wooden Shed Siding Repair Pa

Siding Repair

This is an example of repairing siding by cutting away the rot and the replacing that small section.

Replace Shed Siding Panels

Panel Replacement

If the siding is to badly rotted, we will replace the entire shed siding panel. At the end, it should be like new.

Upgrade to a New Siding

Upgrade A Shed To Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding

Greatly extend the life of your shed with vinyl siding. It will give your shed the longevity of a maintenance free building.

Clapboard Siding

Clapboard siding comes with a lifetime warranty and a lovely woodgrain exterior look. Choose this for a high-end look.

Shed Siding Repair Services

Get a Full Shed Makeover

Does your shed need more than new siding? We can provide a full shed repair including new windows, add new doors and a new roof all for much less than a new shed will cost you. You may also consider turning a simple shed into a fancier one. It will be almost like getting a brand new shed without the hassle of removing the things stored inside the shed. 

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