UPDATE: August 2019

Shed Repair Changes Ownership

Owners John and Gloria Stoltzfus and family have been asked to serve at Bald Eagle Boys Camp in Mill Hall, PA. John served as a counselor at the camp, when he was single, from 2002-2004. John and Gloria are excited about this opportunity to invest in the lives of struggling boys and their families, but this move created the need for a new owner for their Shed Repair business. Enter Jonathon Stoltzfus!

Jonathon Stoltzfus

Jonathon Stoltzfus

Jonathon has worked in the new shed and shed repair business for 7 years. Interestingly, Jonathon returned to the Lancaster area this spring after serving as a counselor for 2 years at Allegany Boys Camp in Oldtown, MD. Allegany Boys Camp was started after, and patterned after, Bald Eagle Boys Camp where John and Gloria will be serving. Jonathon has been working with John this summer and John has full confidence that he is the perfect man to take on the shed repair business!

If you choose to trust us with your Shed Repair needs you will see John or Jonathon and Benji on the job to repair your shed and get it looking as good as new! Benji is a high schooler, working with Jonathon for the summer, who is also a former camper at Allegany Boys Camp. You will find Benji to be a very honest, respectful, young man. Camp has made a difference in his life!

John and Gloria Stoltzfus family

John and Gloria live in the city of Lancaster, PA. Sheds have been a part of John’s life ever since he was 10 years old. He worked alongside his dad and 4 brothers at their family farm in Gap, PA. John worked in the construction facility for 18 years, then moved to shed and garage sales and also garage project manager. In January of 2015 he sold his share of the original business and started doing handyman projects along with remodeling houses for rental properties. He still loved the shed industry so he decided to start doing shed repairs and was amazed how much of a need there is. The shed repair business is a part time business between managing a few rental properties and spending time with his family.

His wife Gloria also has experience in shed sales from her home state of Iowa. She was involved in shed and lawn furniture sales for 7 years before they married in April 2008.