Our Shed Repair Company Story

Shed Repair originated in 2015 in the mind of John Stoltzfus, who was at the time doing handyman work and managing his own rental properties in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. John, who was one of the original owners of Sheds Unlimited LLC in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, had been in the shed manufacturing industry for most of his life.

When he discovered that there was a high demand for shed repairs, he officially launched the business in 2016. John continued to do shed repairs part time over the next couple of years, as he juggled time between the business, his rental properties, and his growing family.

In 2018, John and his family decided to move to central Pennsylvania the following summer to take on responsibilities as a family worker at Bald Eagle Boys Camp.

So, in the fall of 2018, Jonathon Stoltzfus started working along side John with the intention of taking over the business in the summer of 2019.

Although the two of them are not directly related to each other, they were acquainted all of their lives since their families grew up in the same community. Jonathon had spent about seven years building sheds for Waterloo Structures in Parkesburg, Pa, and had recently returned home from working at Allegany Boys Camp in Maryland as a counselor for two years, so the two of them had a lot in common.

Shed Repair Team

In August of 2019, the business ownership was officially transferred to Jonathon, and John and his family moved to Mill Hall, Pennsylvania to begin a new chapter in their lives.

Since then, serious steps have been made to grow the company’s capacity to serve more customers well. Jonathon now employs his mother, Verna Stoltzfus, as a secretary. She spends her time writing estimates, emailing customers, answering phone calls, and scheduling jobs.


Jonathon’s brother, Matthew, joined the work force in September of 2020, and the brothers are currently working towards becoming partners in the business starting January 2021. Looking forward, the vision is to be able to offer quality shed repair services to wherever opportunity allows. The plan is to bring solutions to common problems that have plagued the shed industry for years, backed by core values of integrity, relationship, and trust.

Our Garden Shed Repair Team

At this point, our team is pretty much family. It’s two brothers and mom working together! But our team of garden shed repair people is growing. Our plan is to develop more locations in other areas so we can serve more people looking to repair their garden sheds. 

Garden Shed Repair Team

Jonathon Stoltzfus | Current Owner

Matt Stoltzfus | Jonathon’s Brother

Verna Stoltzfus | Jonathon’s Mother

Vision Statement

Change the world by allowing the atmosphere of heaven to spill out on customers, employees, venders, and innocent bystanders.

Mission Statement

Provide eco-friendly, sustainable rehab and upgrades to detached garages and storage buildings.

Core Values

Problem Solving

Creative solutions that bring resolution and clarity to every challenge in the company.

Open Environment

A working environment that is conductive to thriving – hearing employees, valuing relationships and personal opportunities.


Always open to better ways of improving efficiency and workmanship.


Always following through with what we say we will do. Quality workmanship; no bandaids.

Customer Satisfaction

Exceed expectations at every turn.

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