Mission Statement

We are here to provide eco-friendly, sustainable rehab and upgrades to detached garages and storage buildings.


Core Values

Problem Solving

Creative solutions that bring resolution and clarity to every challenge in the company.

Open Environment

A working environment that is conductive to thriving – hearing employees, valuing relationships and personal opportunities.


Always open to better ways of improving efficiency and workmanship.


Always following through with what we say we will do. Quality workmanship; no bandaids.

Customer Satisfaction

Exceed expectations at every turn.


Shed Repair LLC exists to provide eco-friendly and sustainable rehab to our customer’s backyard structures. We love seeing old, dilapidated buildings come back to life!

Jonathon Stoltzfus started the business in 2019. Because of his previous experience in the shed and construction industries, he saw the need for a service that provided quality repairs to sheds and other outdoor storage buildings. Currently Jonathon’s focus is on developing business systems, while also building and selling doors, managing the shop, and purchasing supplies. Jonathon’s evenings and weekends are spent hanging out with his beautiful wife and daughter, while working on house renovations or random woodworking projects.


Matthew Stoltzfus, a brother to Jonathon, joined as a business partner in 2021. He has been involved in the construction industry for over ten years, and excels at transforming unattractive items into their full potential. Matthew is currently functioning as a crew leader for our on-site jobs, and his goal is to transition into an Operations Manager as the business continues to go. When he’s not at work, Matthew enjoys outdoor activities such as golfing, hiking, and grilling.


Jada Stoltzfus joined the Shed Repair team as Sales Manager in January of 2022. He has worked with shed customers for over seventeen years, and so his experience in the shed industry is a huge asset to our customers and team. Jada thrives on working with customers to find solutions that are both budget-friendly and sustainable. He also happens to be an uncle to Jonathon and Matthew, so he loves giving everyone a hard time. (In a loving way) Outside of work, Jada can be found hanging out with his wife and daughter, or grilling food for family and friends.


So far Shed Repair has mostly been a family run business, which makes for some great times! (and some fiery ones) Joanna, a sister to Jonathon and Matthew, is currently functioning as Secretary, and a few other family members help out along the way as needed or as they wish. Sammy, a cousin, is a full time crew member on Matthew’s crew, and Jotham, another brother, helps build doors in the shop part time. We also hire a few subcontractor crews as needed to help with our workload. Each of these crews have been trained by us and have proven their abilities to get the job done in an excellent fashion.


Our long-term goal is to be able to provide our services wherever storage sheds have been made in the last 30 years, but for now, we are focusing on providing an excellent service in our local community here in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states.