Shed Repair Services in PA  

Shed Repairs is a business offering services to repair sheds in Lancaster, PA. I am the owner (Meet my family) of Shed Repairs and also the carpenter on the job doing the work. Every job is completed with excellence, beauty, and stability! Furthermore, I’ve been building and repairing sheds for the past 20 years so you can take comfort in knowing the job will be done right!

I have experience in about every shed repair that you can think of. Some of the shed repairs I’ve done include replacing doors, , replace T111 panels, replacing shingles,  repainting, vinyl siding over T111, adding a cupola on the roof, and much more! When it comes to cost, the price tag is a fraction of the cost of a new shed. Most times the frame of the shed is very stable but it has some problems like doors rotting, shingles deteriorating, T111 rotting, etc. These are things that don’t cost much to repair so why not rather repair the shed you already have for a fraction of the cost of a new shed!

In addition I am offering Shed Removal as well. I am located in Lancaster County PA and specialize in repairing sheds in PA.

Shed repairs in Lancaster, PA Shed Roof Repairs in Lancaster

Whatever Your Shed Needs, I offer Shed Repairs for You

Is your shed roof leaking? I can replace the shed roof for less. Need replacement shed doors? I specialize in replacing your vinyl and wood shed doors in Lancaster, PA.

My Experience in Shed Repairs

Storage sheds have been in my family for nearly three decades. I grew up building sheds in our family business in Lancaster County, PA. One of the jobs that went with buildings shed was repairing sheds therefore I have 20 years experience in shed repair. Some of my time was spent traveling for the company and doing Shed Repairs in Lancaster County, PA.

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