Shed Repair Services 

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania  

Why get a new shed when you can have it repaired for a fraction of the cost?!

Is your shed roof leaking? I can replace your shed roof. Do you need replacement shed doors? I specialize in replacing your vinyl and wood shed doors.

Shed Repair is a business offering their service to repair sheds in Lancaster County, PA and the surrounding areas. I am the owner (Meet me) of Shed Repair and also the carpenter on the job doing the work. Every job is completed with excellence, beauty, and stability. Furthermore, I have a lot of experience in building and repairing sheds so you can take comfort in knowing the job will be done right!

I have experience in about every shed repair that you can think of. Some of the shed repairs I have done include replacing doors, replacing T111 panels, replacing shingles, repainting, putting vinyl siding over T111, adding a cupola on the roof, and much more. Usually the frame of the shed is very stable but it has some problems like rotting doors, deteriorating shingles, or rotting T111. When it comes to cost, the price tag is a fraction of the cost of a new shed and most times you can leave your treasures in your shed while it is being repaired!

In addition I am offering Shed Removal .

When you call or email me I will need to see some pictures of the shed or I will set up a time for an appointment to actually see your shed so that I can give you an accurate quote on the cost for repair.

Shed repairs in Lancaster, PA Shed Roof Repairs in Lancaster

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