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Shed Repairs in Lebanon County, PA

Is your shed showing its age? Does it need some TLC with an old roof, sagging doors, or windows that don’t work properly? Is it time to replace your old shed with a new one?

Maybe you’d like to buy a new shed, but the cost is outside of your budget’s limit? Or maybe it’s just time to update your shed to match your home and improve your property value. 

No matter what your shed needs – Shed Repair LLC has you covered!

With years of experience building new sheds and repairing old sheds, we focus on fixing and repairing sheds throughout Pennsylvania, including Lebanon County. Our goal is to assist you in restoring a brand-new look to your shed with less effort and at a lower cost than other options. Get your free online quote today!

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After getting the quote, you will pay 35% of the cost as a deposit. We will schedule in a week of your repair.

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Shed Repair Services We Offer In Lebanon County

Not every shed repair project is equal. We offer anything your shed needs – complete overhauls, new windows or doors, new paint, new roof, and much more.  Have a brand new look with less hassle and much less cost!

Shed Vinyl Siding In Pennsylvania

Shed Siding

Does your shed have siding that is rotting or faded? No problem. We have a wide variety of new siding options to choose from.

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Repair Shed Door in lancaster pa

Shed Door Repairs

One of the first things to go on many sheds are the doors. Get a new set of doors for much less than a new shed with our shed door replacement services.

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Shed Reroof In Pennsylvania

Shed Reroof

If your shed roof leaking you don’t need to buy a new shed, our team can fix your shed roof and re-roof it for you. It’s that easy!

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Repair shed Window In Berks

Shed Windows

If your shed windows are no longer functioning or are broken, we can replace them with new shed windows. You’ll get a fresh look and fresh air back into the shed.

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Warrington, Pa Rot Repair, New Roof,new Porch Roof, New Paint 7

Shed Refinishing

Sometimes all your shed needs is a fresh coat of paint! We offer a variety of painting and staining options and colors.

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Shed Removal

Do you have an old shed that you would like to remove to make space for the new one? We can help you with the job.

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Shed Foundations

Need help getting a shed prepared or moved? We can help install a shed pad or border!

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Refurbished Sheds

Need a quality shed on a budget? Save time and money by checking out our inventory of used and refurbished sheds for sale!

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Honey Brook Pa New Roof , Doors, Windows, And Vinyl 6

Shed Doors For Sale

Looking to purchase a new set of shed doors and replace them yourself? We offer a wide variety of shed doors for sale online!

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Areas We Serve In Lebanon County, PA

We repair sheds throughout Annville, Avon, Campbelltown, Cleona, Cornwall, Fort Indiantown, Gap, Fredericksburg, Hebron, Jonestown, Lebanon, Lebanon South CD, Mount Gretna, Mount, Gretna Heights, Myerstown, Newmanstown, Palmyra, Pleasant Hill, Quentin, Richland, Sand Hill, Schaeffer town, Timber Hills.

If you have a shed that needs servicing in Lebanon County, reach out to our team!

For those residing in Lebanon County, PA, dealing with the challenges of maintaining a shed is crucial for safeguarding your outdoor storage against the county’s diverse weather conditions. We focus on essential repair and maintenance services to ensure that your shed withstands time and weather, from reinforcing structural integrity to replacing damaged parts and ensuring proper waterproofing.

Lebanon County, with its rich history and cultural heritage, offers a scenic backdrop for these services. Established in 1813, the county is a blend of historical landmarks and modern conveniences, making it a unique place for both residents and visitors. For more about the county’s background, you can explore Lebanon County’s official website and Wikipedia page.

Lebanon County offers a mix of outdoor adventure, arts, history, and family fun. Here are some top attractions that residents and visitors alike can enjoy:
  1. Park at Governor Dick
  2. Lebanon Farmers Market
  3. Lebanon Community Theatre
  4. Coleman Memorial Park
  5. Lebanon County Historical Society

For those looking to explore the great outdoors, Lebanon County does not disappoint:

  • Appalachian Trail sections run through Lebanon County, offering hikers beautiful wilderness and historical sights​​.
  • Boxcar Rocks provide unique geological formations and scenic views for adventurous hikers​​.
  • Governor Dick offers 16 miles of trails, an observation tower, and an education center, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts​​.
  • Lebanon Valley Rail Trail and Swatara State Park are perfect for those seeking leisurely walks or challenging hikes amidst nature​​.

These attractions encapsulate the essence of Lebanon County, blending history, culture, and natural beauty. Whether you’re repairing your shed or exploring the county, there’s a wealth of experiences waiting right in your backyard.

We offer our on-site shed repair services to areas within 100 road miles of our Gap, PA location. These areas include:


This is the best repair money I ever spent on any project! I highly recommend this company! Much better than replacing the shed in terms of cost and hassle.


Highly recommend Shed Repair LLC. They did an outstanding job. Our shed looks amazing. They have excellent customer service as well.


Jon from Shed Repair LLC did a fabulous job repairing my shed, which took less than a day. It looked like a brand-new shed for a fraction of the price! I was totally impressed, and it made a one-time eyesore into a beautiful addition to my backyard!


They responded promptly via both email and phone. They scheduled the work when they said, showed up on the day and 15 minutes ahead of schedule!!


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Lebanon County Shed Repair FAQs

The process will be somewhat different depending on whether the end result will be completely new siding, or just a patch job around the bottom of the shed, but it always starts with cutting out the rot in the existing siding or removing the old siding completely.

After replacing any rotted floor rim joists with pressure treated lumber, we install new wood siding to replace what was removed. If the finished product is specified to be wood siding, we use the customer's choice of LP Smartside engineered wood siding material and finish with new paint and trim on the shed.

If the finished product is vinyl siding, we install vinyl siding overtop of the repaired wood siding and wrap the eave trim in aluminum trim coil to ensure a complete low maintenance, long lasting repair.

For us, it always starts by removing the existing roofing material and any rot or mold that has gotten into the roof sheathing. Sometimes it is also necessary to sure up the existing rafters with sistered 2x4s or 2x3s if the rot has gotten too far into them.

We use OSB sheathing to replace the damaged roof decking, and install a layer of synthetic underlayment over top of that. From there, we finish with either asphalt architectural shingles or a 28 gauge metal roofing system.

The contents of the shed are only as secure as the doors are. Faulty doors are the most common access point for critters, as well as nasty weather getting into the shed.

Aesthetically speaking, the doors are usually the focal point of the front facing wall of the shed, so having new doors really spruces up the overall appearance of the shed.

Yes, we do. In fact, at Shed Repair, window replacement is usually included with any complete siding repair project.

We typically use aluminum slider windows to replace the crank-out style jalousie windows, which does a lot to update the overall appearance and functionality of the shed. Insulated vinyl windows and custom wooden sash windows are both options as well.

Typically, we think of shed removal as removing the entire shed. Under normal circumstances, this does not include the contents of the shed or the pad/base that it has been sitting on. We will haul the shed away in one piece if it is in good enough condition and there is enough access to the shed. Otherwise, we will bring a dumpster in and demo the shed onsite.

Yes we do! If you send us a picture of the shed part that you need replaced, more than likely we'll be able to provide a replacement for you.

Who Is Shed Repair?

We started in 2015 and expanded through an acquisition in 2019. The business owner was formally transferred to Jonathon in August of 2019, and in January of 2021, his brother Matthew joined as a partner in the business. Together with their team they serve people across the whole state of Pennsylvania, including Lebanon County. Read our customer testimonials to discover how pleased they are with their shed repairs and our service.

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Shed Manufacturers We Work With

While we can repair almost any shed from almost any shed manufacturer, here are a few of the shed companies who either refer customers to us or companies whose sheds we have repaired. 

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