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They did a great job on the roof of my shed that was damage by a storm.

They repaired the damaged wood on one end of the roof and re-shingled the roof. It looks fantastic. The men were nice to talk to and when they finished the job they cleaned everything up and took it away. I was glad I used their company.

February 20, 2024

Highly Recommend

We highly recommend Shed Repair – fair price and excellent work!! We had a 12 x 20 shed that badly needed new doors, windows and siding. They were on time and worked all day until the shed was completed. It looks amazing. Great job to Matt and 1 other person who worked hard all day to complete. Great communication when the special siding we picked was on back order, but they installed as soon as it was in. We’re extremely happy with Shed Repair and highly recommend!

June 6, 2023

Total shed make over

Very efficient and easy to work with! Love the outcome of the new look of my shed! Would highly recommend Shed Repair LLC for any shed Repair project!

May 4, 2023

Fantastic Job

I set up my shed repair appointment through Jada. Matt came out and did a fantastic job. He started early in the morning and worked throughout the day in order to finish the job by the afternoon. Matt replaced the four walls and put on new doors and shutters. Our shed looks brand new. He did a great job cleaning up, also. I highly recommend this company for your shed repairs. You won’t be disappointed.

October 18, 2022

Great job

I had the team of Matt and Matt come out to repair my shed. They did an exceptional job. They had to jack it up to completely replace the foundation and floor with turned out perfect. I also had both doors replaced. It was a lot of work but they were able to complete it in one day. I would highly recommend Shed Repair if you need work done on your shed.

May 26, 2022


Jonathon is the best worker and the most reasonably priced person to do shed repair.He took a rundown shed in terrible condition and restored it to look brand new at the lowest price i checked.And I did alot of searches for shed repair and he was by far the most knowledgeable person I had over to check out my shed.For a young man with his skills and knowledge was amazing.My shed is a year old since he finished it and I still get people saying how beautiful it is.This guy has unbelievable skills. And he seems like fantastic person.Please please give this young man a call.

January 10, 2022

Perfect Service

Very professional…. Fair pricing and competitive.
Matt performed superior workmanship. He replaced my front doors and ramp. He didn’t fool around, he didn’t live on his cell phone like other mechanics sometimes do. I would recommend Shed Repair to anyone who needs their services.

August 9, 2021

Jonathon & Shed Repair LLC come in clutch again!

As noted in my previous review, we called Jonathon & Matthew back to work on another shed we have on property. The crew did yet another AMAZING job! Jonathon & Matthew brought life back into our older shed and made it match our newer custom made shed. They replaced the roof, doors, door hardware, rotten siding & a rotten wood fascia, corners in addition to painting the entire shed and adding custom made shutters. The quality of work is second to none! The estimates have been spot on with no overages on either job I’ve had them do. I can’t praise Jonathon, Matthew & Verna enough! What a fantastic company to work with. I wish I had more sheds!

August 9, 2021


Matt and his coworker did a super job. The 30 year shed looks new. The job was done in a very professional manner without wasting time. Both men were easy to work with. We appreciated the fine job. The support staff, Verna was very informative about all the questions we had. Shed Repair worked with our schedule to complete the task.

June 1, 2021

Wow! Just Wow!

The guys were on time, did an amazing job, and cleaned up, even took some old wood that I was needing to get rid of. It looks like a brand new shed…literally!

May 6, 2021

Great Job Shed Repair

Absolutely fantastic job by Matt and Matt by Shed Repair LLC… They fixed the typical rot on the bottom wood siding of our 29 yr. old shed, replaced the completely wood rotted out doors with new Fiberglass Double Doors… painted the entire shed with paint to match the siding on our house (Buckskin), & with Hunter green trim… cleaned everything up when they finished, just a wonderful job by people who care, and great price too. . We recommend them to anyone who needs any shed work done, Verna & Jonathan are great to work with also … You will not be disapointed with Shed Repair… Looks like a brand new shed, even the neighbors thought it was replaced by a new shed.
Again Thank You,
Shed Repair…
Terry & Bonnie, Ephrata, PA

Terry & Bonnie
May 6, 2021

Amazing Shed Repairs

Jonny did an amazing job of repairing our shed. Great communication. Easy to work with.

January 13, 2021

Seamless Work

Jonathan did a great job repairing the bottom of our shed. It had some rot in different areas. Jonathan removed the bottom part and replaced it all around the shed. He then repainted the shed. We have to tell people that it was repaired. The line is almost invisible. Jonathan was polite and respectful and clean up when the job was completed.

January 13, 2021

Great Job

What a transformation from a painted shed to a sided shed. Glad we made the choice to go with siding! Jonathan did a great job, he completed in a timely manner with humidity against him! The end result was as expected and better! Price was as quoted and overall very reasonable. Would recommend !!

January 13, 2021

Brought back from the dead

They put in a long hard day and did a quality job of making my rotting old shed new again. Thanks for making our shed the envy of the neighbors. Ha! yes they noticed it looks great too

January 13, 2021

Shed upgrade

From start to finish:
Worker did not report to the customer’s home on time. Homeowner contacted worker by phone after two hours had elapsed to determine if worker was still coming that day. Worker offered no apology nor reason for his delay and said he would there in about an hour.
During the shed upgrade, the worker did a good good with listening to our needs and discussing specific modifications.
Final product looks excellent, from top to bottom.

January 13, 2021

Great Repair Job – Very Reasonable Cost

Very organized and honest. Provided estimates upfront. Honest with realistic repair schedule. Great repair job performed. Will hire again if needed.

January 13, 2021

Shed roof replacement

Work done in an efficient, timely manner. Great job!

January 13, 2021

Shed Review

Very responsive, answers all questions and keep their promise when they said they’ll get back to us. Lastly, they delivered door as expected.

It’s nice doing business with you. Thank you and Good luck!


January 13, 2021

Great job guys

The doors on my shed were rotting at the bottom and shedding on the step and floor and these guys did such a great job and now my shed looks as good as the day I bought it. I appreciate the job you did and you will be highly recommended.

January 13, 2021

Great Job, shed renewed.

Our shed was looking bedraggled after 16 years, but Jonathon made it look new again.

January 13, 2021

Outstanding Job!

We would like to say that we will highly recommend Shed Repair to our friends. We had the roof replaced and the shed repaired where rot was happening. This was completed in 1 day with trash disposed. The cost was very reasonable.

January 13, 2021

Shed Roof Repair

Jonathon. Matt and Verna were great to work with! They did good work on my shed…I feel good that my shed will hold up for many more years to come. Verna was great to communicate with…she replies back with any questions! Matt and Jonathon were very friendly and excellent workers. Not only did they clean up afterwards, but they put my lawn ornaments back in place for me.
Thanks so much for the good work !

January 13, 2021

Shed Repair

Shed repair did an excellent job refurbishing my 20 year old shed. The doors and siding look brand new and it was done at half the cost of a new shed. I would strongly recommend using them if your current shed is adequate in size. They completed the job in one day and are very courteous.

January 13, 2021

What an amazing crew! What amazing work!

Four months after accepting delivery of a brand new, custom made shed, someone lost control of their vehicle and ended up taking a joyride through our yard and through our brand new shed! Absolutely devastated about what happened to our brand new pride & joy, we called the company we purchased it from to get it repaired. They took a look at the pictures and said that the damage was too extensive for their repair team to fix it. Queue Jonathon & Shed Repair LLC. Jonathon came out and took a look at the damage. He assured us that He and his team could fix it and that it would have that new shed smell again! Jonathon made us feel comfortable about getting the shed repaired. He was timely with all interactions ( email, phone, repair, etc). He kept to his word on timing and price and his work now speaks for itself! We’ll be having Jonathon & Shed Repair LLC back in the spring to work on a different shed restoration project!

January 13, 2021

Saved me a lot of money.

A storm brought down a 90ft high Cherry on my 5 year old Myerstown shed destroying about 3/4 of the roof and part of the end. I seriously considered scrapping it and just buying a new shed. I was told about Shed Repair and gave them a call. End result is a shed that looks good as new and a lot less than a new one. Very nice job, thank you.

January 13, 2021

Seamless Work

Jonathan did a great job repairing the bottom of our shed. It had some rot in different areas. Jonathan removed the bottom part and replaced it all around the shed. He then repainted the shed. We have to tell people that it was repaired. The line is almost invisible. Jonathan was polite and respectful and clean up when the job was completed.

November 30, 2020

Amazing Shed Repairs

Jonny did an amazing job of repairing our shed. Great communication. Easy to work with.

November 30, 2020