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Whenever you step inside of your shed after a rainstorm, do you see annoying puddles of water pooling across your shed floor? Is your shed structure still sturdy, yet your shed’s roof leaking, the walls beginning to rot, or the doors falling off their hinges? In many cases, the shed’s structure is often in good shape. With some careful repair and replacement, your shed can look as good or better than it originally did! We are a company focused on fixing and repairing sheds. Our goal is to help you regain a brand-new look to your shed without much hassle and at less cost than alternative routes. With years of experience building new sheds and repairing old sheds, Shed Repair LLC gives you the rest of mind and confidence, knowing the job will be done right. Get in touch with us and find out the cost of your shed repair by filling out the quote form. Renew your shed and save money. Read our customer’s reviews to see how satisfied they are with the work we did for them.

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Shed Vinyl Siding In lancaster pa

Shed Siding Repair

Have insects been reeking slow, yet steady damage to your shed’s exterior? Or maybe pesky animals, like woodpeckers, have chosen your shed’s siding as a poking post? Or perhaps the yearly weathering forces of nature have torn away some of your shed’s siding. When your shed siding is damaged, your shed loses it sleek and attractive appearance. Without quality and sound siding, mold is prone to grow, animals may try to break in, and the result is less than lovely to behold.

It may be hard to spend the money necessary to improve your shed’s exterior when you know your shed structure is still solid. However, Shed Repair LLC offers just the solution to this tension. At Shed Repair LLC, we repair or replace your shed siding and help your shed look new while at the same time helping you save money. All you need to do get in touch with us, send us some photos of your shed’s deteriorating siding, and get a free quote. Our professional team in Dauphin will get back to you. Read our happy customer reviews in Dauphin and contact us today!

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Shed Reroof In lancaster pa

Shed Reroof

Has your shed roof been leaking for a while? Perhaps you just discovered the leak, or the damage from a leak that had gone unnoticed for a while. If you are suspicious of a leaking roof, it is best to check your shed after or during a rainstorm. The possibility of a pesky, leaking roof can be frustrating and overwhelming, especially when you already have a lot on your daily to do list. Good news! You do not have to fix your leaking roof yourself! Plus, you can save your shed’s interior from any further damage.

If you observed a leak in your shed’s roof, get in touch with us to repair or replace the roof for you. With years of experience building new sheds and repairing old sheds, our company is the best solution to help you get your shed back into tip top condition while in the process saving money. Contact us, send some photos of your leaking shed roof, and our expert team in Dauphin will get back to you as soon as possible. Get ready to sleep peacefully through each rainstorm!

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Repair Shed Door in lancaster pa

Shed Doors Repair

Is your shed still in decent shape, yet the shed door looks old or worn down? Do you have a hard time keeping your expensive equipment or storage items inside the shed because its door will not lock properly? We understand how important a shed door is for ensuring your personal items stay safe and secure. At Shed Repair LLC, we build and install new shed doors and your shed door is no exception. We offer all different kinds of door materials and styles.  We can replace your old door with one of the following:

  • Wooden door
  • Classic door
  • Traditional door
  • Fiberglass door
  • Door with glass
  • Pre-hung doors
  • Classic wooden door with transoms

All you need to do is get in touch with our experienced team in Dauphin and send some photos of your old door. Our shed repair team will get back to you as soon as possible. Get ready to enjoy your new look shed with the addition of the shed door of your choice! Plus, if you get a door with a transom, you can enjoy fresh air any time!

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Purchase Custom Shed Doors

If your shed door is now wooden and rotten, we recommend upgrading to a fiberglass replacement door, which will endure longer and even improve the appearance of your shed. If you like the look of a wooden shed door, we can construct a customized shed replacement door to match your specific structure.
If you prefer to buy a shed door and install it yourself, we provide high quality custom shed doors that are built to last. Our wooden doors are totally customized to meet your particular sizing requirements!

Shed Organization

Bike Organizer


Shed Organization

Cornhole Board Storage


Shed Organization

Fishing Rod Rack


Shed Organization

Snow or Water Ski Organizer


Shed Organization

Snowboard Organizer


Shed Organization

Utility Organizer


Refurbished Sheds

10×14 Mini Barn


Refurbished Sheds

10×16 Mini Barn


Refurbished Sheds

12×20 A-Frame

Repair Window in lancaster pa

Shed Windows Replacement

Are your shed windows broken, cracked, or difficult to open or close? Or maybe your shed does not have windows, and the air inside gets hot and stuffy? If you would like to spend more time in your shed or use it as a home office or gym, etc., better add windows to get more light and fresh air! At Shed Repair LLC we build or replace your windows with new windows. We offer a wide variety of sizes and options like slider windows, windows with shutters, and transom windows. Contact our team in Dauphin and choose your ideal window from our many sizes, colors, and options.

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Shed Removal Services In lancaster

Shed Removal

At Shed Repair LLC, our professional team has years of experience in shed removal and building new sheds. If you have an old shed that needs to be removed from your property, you are in the right place! We offer shed removal and shed demolition services in Dauphin. Get in touch with us today and get a free quote.

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Shed Repair In Dauphin

Areas We Serve in Dauphin, PA

Our shed repair services throughout Harrisburg, Hershey, Colonial Park, Progress, Middletown, Linglestown, Steelton, Paxtonia, Hummelstown, Rutherford, Skyline, Lawnton, Penbrook, Millersburg, Highspire, Lykens, Paxtang, Elizabethville, Bressler, Williamstown, Palmdale, Enhaut, Wiconsico, Royalton, Halifax, Dauphin, Gratz, Oberlin, Lenkerville, Union Deposit, Berrysburg, Pillow. If you have a shed that needs servicing in Dauphin County, reach out to our team! Looking forward to hearing from and serving you!

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Amazing Shed Repairs

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Seamless Work

Jonathan did a great job repairing the bottom of our shed. It had some rot in different areas. Jonathan removed the bottom part and replaced it all around the shed. He then repainted the shed. We have to tell people that it was repaired. The line is almost invisible. Jonathan was polite and respectful and… Read more “Seamless Work”

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About Us

Shed Repair LLC story started in 2015 with a group of experienced shed builders armed with the goal of serving the fine people of Pennsylvania. In August of 2019, the business owner was officially transferred to Jonathon.

Jonathon and his family moved to Mill Hall, Pennsylvania, to begin a new chapter in their lives, and since then, serious steps have been made to grow the company’s capacity to serve more people. Our vision is to solve your shed problems in Dauphin and help you have peace of mind whenever you need any repair for your shed. We would love to see you enjoy your repaired shed, save some money, and recommend us to others.

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Shed Manufacturers We Work With

While we can repair almost any shed from almost any wooden or vinyl shed manufacturer (we don't do metal sheds), here are a few of the shed companies who either refer customers to us or companies whose sheds we have repaired. 

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