Shed Repair Cost In Berks County Pa

Fixing a shed on your own can be a big headache. It can be unnerving to know if you are making the repairs the correct way or if you are buying the right materials for the job. One of the biggest questions you face in repairing a shed is, “what will it cost?” To help you understand the cost of repairing a shed, we have broken it down into several categories for the most common shed repairs that people make and their associated costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Shed?

Typical shed repairs cost $2,600-$3,500. However, this price range does not account for the person’s experience level making the repairs or if the repairs are being made on your own. Additionally, this quoted price does not consider the size of your shed. As mentioned earlier, a smaller shed will typically result in a smaller bill, while a larger shed may exceed the price. We know this is a wide range for the cost of a repair, but there are many factors that go into determining this price, such as:

Do I want to use the same building materials from which the shed was originally constructed?

Do I want to do the repairs myself?

Am I capable of making the repairs myself?

How much am I willing to spend on the repairs?

Do I need to upgrade the features of my shed?

Do I have the necessary tools to make the correct repairs?

How large is my shed?

Do I want a professional to make the repairs?

Your answer to each of these questions will help you determine what end of the scale your project cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Shed Roof?

A quick Google search will tell you that the average cost of fixing a shingle shed roof is $150-$750. However, this price does not include the cost of any associated labor and is quoted for a shed size that is smaller than the typical at-home shed, which is 10×16. Knowing this information will help you not feel so shocked when you are quoted a price that is more than previously mentioned.

How Much Will It Cost To Replace My Shed Roof?

Generally speaking, a shed roof repair completed on a 10×16 shed will cost around  $1,100-$1,700.  This would be a typical price point by Shed Repair and may vary based on your location. The cost for this repair is based on the materials cost and the cost of labor. However, something we can not put a price tag on is the lack of frustration you experience by not doing the job yourself 😀.

How Long Does It Take To Fix My Shed Roof?

At Shed Repair, we usually figure about half a day (4 hours) to fix the shed roof of a 10×16 shed. This time accounts for set up, repair, and clean up. Additionally, the lead time for a repair like this is usually within a few weeks, allowing you to not worry about the time and hassle of fixing it yourself.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Shed Door?

The average cost to fix a shed door is around $1,200 when built on your own (see comments in the video for pricing). However, if you want to replace the doors yourself, Shed Repair sells doors starting as low as $659 for a basic wooden door up to $950 for our high-end fiberglass replacement shed doors. You can get these doors for an even lower cost when you pick them up at our facility in Gap, Pa.

How Much Will It Cost For Shed Repair To Fix Shed Doors?

It will cost anywhere from $665-1515* for Shed Repair to fix your shed doors. Keep in mind, the price variance has to do with the size of your doors you are replacing as well as the style of door that you plan to use. Remember that you get more than just the finished product when you pay for high-quality craftsmanship. You will get the peace of mind of knowing that you have the job completed well and the freedom of having your afternoon back by saving you about 2-4 hours’ worth of work!

How Long Does It Take To Fix Shed Doors?

It will take shed repair about 2-4 hours to fix or replace your shed doors. Some of the factors that determine how long it will take to fix your shed doors are.

Is the existing door frame rotted?

Does the new door fit the existing doorway?

Are you upgrading the door size?

These factors make a difference in how long fixing the shed door will take.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Rotted Shed Wall?

The typical materials cost to fix four wooden shed walls will be around $200. This price accounts for fixing the regular 1’ of rot that often occurs when a shed is too close to the ground. However, this price does not account for any labor. Some of the significant adjustments people make in this area of their shed repair is upgrading the walls from wooden walls to vinyl siding. Many people also consider adding a moisture barrier and painting or at least painting and sealing the new wood if they don’t switch to vinyl.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Shed Walls?

The cost for Shed Repair to fix 1’ of rot on a 10×16 shed is about $1450-$1800*. Our expert team specializes in giving you high-quality, long-lasting repairs for your shed. Having high-quality workers doing your work means you won’t have to hope that your best guess will fix the problem.

How Long Will It Take to Fix My Rotted Shed Walls?

When Shed Repair comes to fix the rotted walls due to being too close to the ground, it will take about 4 hours’ worth of work (about 1 hour per side). Having said that, the degree to which your shed walls are rotted will determine how long the repair will take and how much the project will cost. This means more rot, more time, and materials meaning a higher cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix My Shed Windows? 

The average cost of repairing a window is between $190 and $250. However, repairing a window is best done by completely replacing an old window with a new one. You want to replace the whole window to allow for proper winterization and sealing from the elements, which will provide an appropriate all-weather solution.

How Much Will It Cost To Fix My Shed Window?

It will cost about $200-$500* to replace a window in your shed. These windows will be returned in the existing “window slot” and fitted to give you a truly sealed fit. The windows you select come in a variety of sizes or styles.

How Long Will It Take To Fix My Shed Window?

It will take shed repair about 2 hours per shed window. Some of the factors that go into the length of time to fix your window are as follows.

Is there any rot in the window well?

Is the window the same size?

Is this a completely new window location?

These questions will determine the final cost of your window repair and how long it will take.

What Are The Typical Costs For Multiple Shed Repairs?

To have our most common repairs done at once will cost about $2,600-$3,500. These common repairs consist of: 

In doing a grouping of repairs like this, you will save yourself some money because you will not be having us come from our shop to your home multiple times. 

*These are estimated prices for the cost of your shed repair as of June 2022. One of the primary factors in determining the cost of your project is the distance from our shop to your location. The closer you are to our shop, your project is in the lower range of our price point. If you are a considerable distance from our shop, you may see that your project is in the higher range of our prices. To better understand what the price point is for your specific project, fill out one of our quote forms!

Common Repairs Cost
Wooden Door Installation $665-$1550  
Fiberglass Door Installation $880-$1515  
1′ of Rot Repair, Vinyl Siding, Windows and Fiber Glass Doors $2,900-$3,800  
1′ of Rot Repair, Vinyl Siding Fiberglass Doors, Windows and Shingles $3,900-$4800  


Repairing a shed has a wide range of pricing, and it is difficult to know if your result will be what you hoped for. At Shed Repair, we want to bring the life back to the shed you already have, saving you from spending more money on buying a new shed. So if you need a window or two replaced or need a whole roof and siding repaired, fill out a quote form and let Shed Repair save you some money and give your shed its life back!