Shed Siding Repair Options | A How To Guide


We’ve all been there.
Your shed siding needs to be repaired. Maybe it is rotted out from years of dampness being around the structure. Or perhaps Timmy hit is with the weed eater (again).

The fact is you need to repair your shed siding.
The questions start to flood in
“Is it worth making a shed siding repair, or should I buy a new shed?”
“Should I upgrade the siding material?”
“How do I make a shed siding repair myself?”

Well, not to worry.

We want to help you answer these questions. So let’s get into understanding how shed siding repairs can be done.

Is shed-siding-repair-worth-it

Is It Worth Repairing My Shed Siding?

The simple answer is yes. It is worth repairing your shed siding. The reason making a shed siding repair is “worth it” is you will not only save money but also alot of time. 

Many people see a damaged shed and think that all they need to do is purchase a new shed. However, in buying a new shed, the homeowner needs to do a lot of other things to prepare for a new shed. 

1.) Find a shed builder

2.) Design the shed

3.) Schedule pickup for the old shed to be removed

4.) Check the zoning laws for the new shed

5.) Move all of your items out of the old shed

6.) Find storage for all the items in the old shed

7.) Have the old shed picked up

8.) Prepare the site for the new shed

9.) Schedule delivery for the new shed 

10.) Have the new shed delivered 

11.) Place all of your items back in the new shed 

After doing all these things, you will be ready to use your new shed. 


You, as the homeowner, can cut down the list substantially and do a shed siding repair. That process looks a bit more like the following.

1.) Measure the shed’s damaged area
2.) Collect information on the best price for the needed shed siding materials.
3.) Make the shed siding repair.
4.) Continue to use the existing shed.

We think doing the second option is the better use of the shed owner’s time and money.


How Do I Make A Shed Siding Repair?

To make a shed siding repair, you will need to have a few tools on hand. Each shed siding repair will require slightly different tools to get the job done. However, the repair should result in the shed looking as good as new, if not better! To better understand the way you need to repair your shed, we have compiled a list of helpful siding repair videos.

While we have not created these videos, they are a great resource to get started on making your shed siding repair.

Shed Siding Repair | Wood

Wooden shed siding repairs are arguably the most popular shed repairs that are done. Often times the repair is due to the wood rotting. Usually, this kind of shed siding repair occurs at the bottom 2 feet of the structure. While this is a common occurrence, to prevent this issue from happening, it may be a good time to upgrade to a vinyl shed siding. 

For a quick understating of wooden shed siding replacement, we have compiled these few simple steps.

  1. Identify which portions of the wooden shed need to be replaced
  2. Measure the identified area(s) to buy new wooden shed siding
  3. Purchase needed materials for the project
  4. Make a straight cut across, slightly about the rotted area. 
  5. Place Z-Track flashing for proper rain runoff.
  6. Put new T-111 in place*

*It is recommended that the new T-111 be painted prior to placement so that the wood can be properly sealed. The proper sealing will prevent the wood from rotting again.

Shed Siding Repair | Wood Siding Repair Tools

The most common tools that you will need to complete a wood shed siding repair project are

Circular Saw



Chalk Line

Circular Saw


Cats Paw

Paint Scraper

2 Inch Deck Screws

2 Inch Galvanized Nails



Exterior Paint


*You may need more than one sheet depending on the amount and severity of your repair.

How Do I Seal The Bottom Of Wooden Shed Siding?

The easiest way to seal the bottom of your wooden shed siding repair is to paint the bottom/ edge. This basic technique gets the job done quickly without needing to get any additional supplies. Another common way to seal the bottom of your wooden shed is to purchase a specialized seal coating. While this is a viable option, it does add some unneeded expense in comparison to painting the bottom/edge of the shed panel that you already have.

Photo Courtesy of Wiki How

To make a shed siding repair to a vinyl shed, you will need a few basic tools on hand. Most of the tools required for this kind of repair you will have around the house. However, this kind of shed siding repair is unique for two reasons. First, a vinyl shed siding repair can happen in any portion of the vinyl siding, not just at a seam or endpoint. Second, you will need to have one specialized tool to complete this project. 

Shed Siding Repair | Vinyl Siding Repair Tools 

To take care of a vinyl shed siding repair, you will need several small hand tools. Each one of these tools is relatively inexpensive.


Galvanized Nails

Tape Measure

Razor Blade 

Speed Square

Vinyl Snips 

Zip Tool

Vinyl Plank

Shed Siding Repair | Metal

When you have a metal shed, you are just as susceptible to shed siding repairs as those who have vinyl and wood. A big benefit to metal is that the metal, on most sheds, will outlast both wood and vinyl siding. However, using metal shed siding does give your building a bit more of an industrial appearance. Since these buildings can give such an industrial appearance, it is best to check with your HOA to ensure metal siding is allowed for a siding repair.

Shed Siding Repair | Metal Siding Repair Tools

To make a metal shed siding repair, you will need a few tools to complete the job.

Metal Sheeting

Angle Ginder



Protective Eyewear

Impact Driver


Want Someone Else To Do Your Shed Siding Repair?

We know how difficult it can be to determine if it is worth buying a new shed or doing the repair yourself. That is where we at Shed Repair stand in the gap! We don’t want to see you spend all your hard-earned money on a new shed when all you may need is a simple shed siding repair. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you get your shed siding repair completed!