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  • Looking for a door to make your DIY Shed build a breeze?
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  • Wanting to upgrade your existing shed to improve style or resale value?

It doesn’t matter if are you a contractor or a DIY homeowner, we have the perfect shed door for you!

We sell and ship wooden and fiberglass doors throughout the United States in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles.

Now is the time to upgrade your shed!

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Exterior Shed Doors We Offer In West Virginia

Wooden Shed Doors

Choose wooden shed doors when you need replacement shed doors for a wooden shed or want to add a bit of a splash on a vinyl-sided shed. These shed doors are built using engineered wood that should last a very long time. We offer a variety of sizes and styles.


Standard Doors

Replace your wooden shed doors with brand new doors made to fit and match your existing shed.

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Classic Shed Replacement Door

Classic Doors

Go fancy with Classic Shed Replacement Doors. Your shed will look better than new!

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Shed Door Replacement

Transom Doors

Add classic wooden doors with transoms to allow natural light to stream into your shed.

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Traditional Doors

The old look is still new with the traditional shed doors with an x. We can build them to your size.

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Colonial 4 Foot Door For Sheds Garages

Colonial Doors

Enjoy a classic look with additional trim pieces for extra style.

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Fiberglass Shed Doors

Fiberglass doors are your choice when you want less maintenance. Choose a fiberglass shed door if you are replacing doors on a vinyl shed or if you are building a vinyl shed. They are also perfect for a wooden shed to give ensure your doors last longer.

Fiberglass Shed Replacement Doors

Slab Doors- No Glass

One of the best upgrades you can do to an older shed is upgrade to Fiberglass Replacement Doors. 

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Fiberglass Shed Replacement Doors Pa

Slab Doors w/ Glass

Add fiberglass shed doors with glass. Your building will have more light for work or play.

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Prehung Steel Replacement Doors

Prehung Doors

Want to insulate your shed? Adding insulated prehung doors is an important first step.

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Wooden Shed Door Features

Wide Variety Of Dimensions

We offer a wide variety of heights and widths to make it easy to get the shed door you need.

Trim Package is Included

Your new shed door will come with a trim package to match and make it easy to install. The trim will be prepainted.

Powder Coated Hinges 

Our hinges come in several styles but all of them are powder coated to ensure a long lasting finish and to keep your doors swinging.

Barrel Bolts for Safety

Barrel bolts are included on all double doors. This bolt will keep your double door tightly closed so no critters can enter.

Adjustment in Case of Warping

Shed Doors can warp over time so we include an adjustment bar to ensure your door closes properly.

LP Smart Panel Siding

For wooden shed doors, we use LP Smartsiding products which is proven to withstand the weather changes.

Painted on the Interior

Our wooden door panels and trim have a factory primed coat on their exterior, but are raw on the back side.

Keyed Latch for Your Protection

Your storage shed door will come with a keyed latch and two keys to keep your shed safe from intruders. 

Fiberglass Shed Door Features

Predrilled Holes for Hardware

We make installation easy and remove any guesswork with pre-drilled holes.

Fasteners Are Included

All necessary fasteners are included to save you a trip to the hardware store.

Powder Coated Hinges 

The hinges come in several styles but all of them are powder coated to ensure a long lasting finish and to keep your doors swinging.

Barrel Bolts for Safety

Barrel bolts are included on all double doors. This bolt will keep your double door tightly closed so no critters can enter.

Center Astragal Included

Our double doors are better insulated and secure with a center astragal included.

Shed-Friendly Height Options

We offer a variety of door heights for common shed dimensions.

Paint Options Available

Get the color that perfectly matches the rest of your shed.

Keyed Latch for Your Protection

Your storage shed door will come with a keyed latch and two keys to keep your shed safe from intruders. 

Customer Testimonials

Very responsive, answers all questions and keep their promise when they said they’ll get back to us. Lastly, they delivered door as expected. It’s nice doing business with you. Thank you and Good luck!


From start to finish:
Worker did not report to the customer’s home on time. Homeowner contacted worker by phone after two hours had elapsed to determine if worker was still coming that day. Worker offered no apology nor reason for his delay and said he would there in about an hour. During the shed upgrade, the worker did a good good with listening to our needs and discussing specific modifications. Final product looks excellent, from top to bottom.


What a transformation from a painted shed to a sided shed. Glad we made the choice to go with siding! Jonathan did a great job, he completed in a timely manner with humidity against him! The end result was as expected and better! Price was as quoted and overall very reasonable. Would recommend !!


Jonathan did a great job repairing the bottom of our shed. It had some rot in different areas. Jonathan removed the bottom part and replaced it all around the shed. He then repainted the shed. We have to tell people that it was repaired. The line is almost invisible. Jonathan was polite and respectful and clean up when the job was completed.


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In West Virginia, where the climate varies from snowy winters to mild summers, a high-quality shed door is essential. Our offerings are built to withstand this diversity, ensuring your valuables are protected in style. From traditional wooden doors that echo the state's rustic charm to modern designs that reflect contemporary tastes, we have options to enhance any shed, improving its functionality and aesthetic appeal in harmony with West Virginia's rugged beauty.

West Virginia's Rich History

West Virginia's rich history is characterized by its rugged landscapes, resource-rich terrain, and vibrant cultural heritage. Established as a separate state during the Civil War in 1863, it was once part of Virginia until its residents chose to secede due to political and economic differences.

The state played a crucial role in the labor movement and coal mining industry, witnessing events like the Battle of Blair Mountain. Today, West Virginia is known for its stunning natural beauty, outdoor recreation opportunities, and enduring Appalachian traditions, making it a unique and beloved part of American history.

For further exploration of Maryland's history, visit the official state website and the West Virginia Wikipedia page

Top Attractions in West Virginia

  1. New River Gorge National Park and Preserve - Known for its dramatic landscapes and outdoor recreation opportunities, New River Gorge offers hiking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, and stunning scenic views of the gorge and river below.

  2. Seneca Rocks - A popular destination for rock climbers and hikers, Seneca Rocks features towering rock formations that rise dramatically above the surrounding landscape. Visitors can enjoy hiking trails, rock climbing, and panoramic views from the observation platform.

  3. Harpers Ferry National Historical Park - This historic town at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers played a key role in American history, including John Brown's raid and the Civil War. Explore historic buildings, museums, and hiking trails while learning about the town's rich past.

  4. Snowshoe Mountain Resort - A premier destination for outdoor recreation, Snowshoe Mountain offers skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, golfing, and other activities year-round. The resort features lodging, dining, shopping, and entertainment options for visitors.

  5. Blackwater Falls State Park - Named for its stunning 57-foot waterfall, Blackwater Falls State Park offers hiking trails, scenic overlooks, and opportunities for fishing, boating, and wildlife viewing in the Allegheny Mountains.

  6. Greenbrier Resort - This historic luxury resort has been welcoming guests since 1778 and offers world-class accommodations, dining, golfing, and spa services. Visitors can also explore the resort's historic grounds, including the underground bunker built for Congress during the Cold War.

  7. Cass Scenic Railroad State Park - Experience the nostalgia of steam-powered rail travel aboard the Cass Scenic Railroad, which offers scenic excursions through the mountains of West Virginia. Visitors can ride in vintage passenger cars and learn about the region's logging history.

  8. Cathedral State Park - Known for its towering ancient hemlock trees, Cathedral State Park offers hiking trails, picnicking areas, and opportunities for birdwatching and photography in a serene natural setting.

We serve all counties in West Virginia: 

Barbour County, Berkeley County, Boone County, Braxton County, Brooke County, Cabell County, Calhoun County, Clay County, Doddridge County, Fayette County, Gilmer County, Grant County, Greenbrier County, Hampshire County, Hancock County, Hardy County, Harrison County, Jackson County, Jefferson County, Kanawha County, Lewis County, Lincoln County, Logan County, McDowell County, Marion County, Marshall County, Mason County, Mercer County, Mineral County, Mingo County, Monongalia County, Monroe County, Morgan County, Nicholas County, Ohio County, Pendleton County, Pleasants County, Pocahontas County, Preston County, Putnam County, Raleigh County, Randolph County, Ritchie County, Roane County, Summers County, Taylor County, Tucker County, Tyler County, Upshur County, Wayne County, Webster County, Wetzel County, Wirt County, Wood County, Wyoming County

As well as all major cities in West Virginia: 

Charleston, Huntington, Parkersburg, Morgantown, Wheeling, Fairmont, Weirton, Martinsburg, Beckley, Clarksburg and more.