36″ Fiberglass 4 Lite Slab Shed Door

Enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your shed with our 36″ Fiberglass 4 lite slab door. Available in 72″ or 78″ door height.

Door Paint
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Color swatch image
White (+$100.00)
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Black (+$100.00)
Custom (+$160.00)


Enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your shed with our 36” fiberglass 4 Lite slab door, in 72″ or 78″ door height. Designed without jams typically found in house doors, these versatile doors are a perfect fit for your outdoor storage space and are an ideal choice for your shed.

What’s Included With Your 36” Fiberglass Replacement Shed Door:

  • No Pre-Hung Jams, Easy Installation: Unlike traditional house doors, our Fiberglass 4 Lite slab door does not come pre-hung with jams. Instead, it is designed to mount directly to the exterior trim using face-mounted hinges. We provide all the necessary hardware for installation, making it a hassle-free process.
  • Custom Trim Compatibility: We understand that shed construction materials can vary, leading to variations in trim thickness. That’s why we leave the choice of trim to you. You can select the trim thickness that suits your shed’s sheathing material, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • No Cutting Required: These doors are crafted to precise specifications, so there’s no need for cutting or trimming. However, it’s essential to adjust your door opening to accommodate the door correctly. For best results, we recommend hiring a licensed contractor to make these adjustments.

 36” Fiberglass Shed Door Specs:

  • Slab Height: 72″ or 78″
  • Slab Width: 35.75”
  • Door Thickness: 1 3/4″
  • Authentic Wood Grain Finish: Achieve a classic and timeless look for your shed.
  • 4 Lite (22×10) Glass
  • Factory Primed Finish: The door comes primed and ready for your choice of paint or finish. If you choose for us to paint the door, we will use two coats of Sherwin Williams Industrial Pro Multi Surface Acrylic paint in an eggshell sheen.
  • 6-Inch Colonial Decorative T-Hinges: Add a touch of elegance and style to your shed’s entrance.
  • Keyed Door Latch: Keep your shed secure with a keyed door latch.

Upgrade your shed with this 36” fiberglass slab door, and enjoy both functionality and style. Shed Repair recommends professional installation for optimal results. Transform your shed into a well-organized and secure space with our quality slab door today!






36 in


72 in, 78 in


1.75 In


4 Lite, Glass

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