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Location of this Shed Repair: Elizabethtown, PA

This 8×12 shed repair in Elizabethtown, PA, gave this small barn another life. We upgraded this shed to vinyl siding since the wood siding was rotting. With the addition of vinyl siding and fiberglass replacement shed doors, this shed should last another lifetime!

Repairs Completed on this Storage Shed

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The Shed Owners Story

When the owners of this small 8×12 storage shed realized the building was in disrepair, they had a choice to make. One choice was to replace the building with a new portable shed. But replacing the shed was a tall task. First, they would have had to remove all the contents on the shed prior to the shed repair and store it somewhere while they waited for the new building.

When they found Shed Repair LLC, another option became a reality. They could keep the shed in place but have it repaired to be (almost) like new! The repaired building has new siding, new shingles and a brand new fiberglass shed door. The building is ready for another 15 to 20 years of use!

Best of all, it happened with very little work on the part of the owners!

Colors Used on this Shed Repair

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Seamless Work

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