Shed Roof Repair in PA

Specializing in Shed Roof Repair in Lancaster, PA  and the surrounding area!

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     Shed Roof Replacement: Installed new 30 year architectural shingles after removing old 3 tab shingles. I also replaced some rotted sheathing underneath the shingles. 

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Removed deteriorating 3 tab shingles then installed 30 year architectural shingles

Specializing in shed roof replacement and shed roof repair in PA! I have many shingle color options along with the option to install tar paper or ice and snow shield!  I can also install cupola’s, weathervanes, and ridge vent. Standard shingles are 30 year architectural but I can install metal roof as well!

   Shed roof repair consists of removing the old shingles and rotted sheathing if necessary. Many times when shingles start to deteriorate water seeps through the shingles and onto the plywood sheathing therefore rotting the sheathing as well. Sometimes this may be only one piece of sheathing needing replace or other times it’s necessary to replace all the sheathing pieces. When the shingles are deteriorating it’s very important to have them changed as soon as possible before the sheathing is rotting.

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   Do you need new shed doors? Maybe you want you shed covered with vinyl siding? Also offering shed removal in Lancaster, PA.