Replacement Shed Door FAQs

Wooden shed doors that are built to fit your existing opening are DIY install friendly if you are good with a tape measure, screw gun, and a power drill. It also helps a lot to have a friend hold the doors while you fasten them.

Fiberglass shed doors can be trickier, as their sizes are not customizable like the wooden doors are. Unless you are replacing doors with the exact dimensions of the new doors, adjustments will need to be made to the opening and trim/siding around the opening so that the new doors fit properly. Most of the time, this requires the help of a contractor or handyman.

Our fiberglass shed doors come in standard size slabs. These slabs can be configured for a single or double door, depending on the hardware application.

There have been multiple manufacturers of fiberglass shed doors over the years, and not all of them are the exact same dimensions even if they are the same general width. For that reason, it is always important to check the height, width, and thickness of your existing fiberglass door before assuming that a new one in the same general size category will be an exact fit.

Currently, each of our wooden shed doors are custom sized to fit the customer's finished opening. The only thing standard about these doors are the widths that they come in, and we find that there are even some variables there sometimes. When shopping for wooden shed doors, the first thing you want to figure out is the width of your door opening so that you know which size to select.

Start by measuring the height and width of the space in the wall that the new doors will cover. If there is trim installed on the inside of the jams that will be removed, measure past the trim to studs that frame the opening.

If you are looking for the exact size of your existing door, you will also want to measure the height, width, and thickness of the actual door as well. If its a double door, its best to measure the overall width of both doors on the outside instead of the individual door widths.

Actually, unless your new doors are pre hung, they will most likely be a bit larger than the opening frame. This is because they are usually face mounted on the shed, and close against the opening, rather than into it. Every shed manufacturer seems to be a bit different, but this is generally the case.

We install our doors so that they overlap the finished opening 1/4" on the sides, 1/2" on the top, and 1" over the floor.

If you buy wooden doors from us, they will be built to mount flush with the sides of your opening, spaced 1/4" down from the top of your opening, and overlapped 1" over the floor if there is a threshold edge to close against there. If there is no threshold edge, we will build the doors to close over top of the floor with 1/4"-1/2" of clearance. We send jam trim along to mount to the sides and top of the opening after the door is installed, so that there will not be light gaps in the door anywhere.

Practicality is a good place to start. First, determine if you want a insulated or non-insulated door. If insulated is what you want, then a pre hung fiberglass door is the way to go. If non insulated, then our slab fiberglass or wooden doors are both great options.

First, determine if you will want windows in your new door. Having ample light coming into the shed is important depending on what you are using the shed for.

From there, consider what the install process will look like. If it's a replacement door, it will be cheaper and easier to install if the new doors fit into the existing opening without a lot of modifications to the trim and siding around the door.

And finally, chose a door that matches the style of your shed, and fits your budget.

If the rot is into the panels of the doors, it's time to replace the doors. If its just exterior trim, it's as simple as removing the rotted trim and replacing it with material that matches.

We'll compare our wooden and fiberglass slab doors:

  • The wooden doors can be custom sized to fit your opening, whereas the fiberglass slab doors come in standard sizes.
  • Our wooden doors come with the mounting trim that goes around the doors, whereas the fiberglass doors do not.
  • There are far more glass options available in the fiberglass doors than there are in the wooden doors.
  • The construction of the doors are completely different. The wooden doors have an inner 2x3 frame that fits into the opening, and a 1" thick outer panel plus trim portion that generally overlaps the opening on the outside. The panels and trim are LP Smartside engineered wood. The fiberglass doors have a fiberglass shell and a polyurethane foam core with mounting blocks embedded in the door for hinges and the door latch.

Yes, we do! We have a manufacturing facility where we build all of the wooden doors.

We typically charge between $800-$1100 to install a set of average sized shed doors in our 100 road mile service area, which includes the doors and install. If you live in our service area, you can request a quote here

Doors can be ordered off of our website or by requesting a custom quote here. Email/phone follow up is made to ensure that we have the correct measurements and/or pictures that we need. The doors are prepared for pick up or shipping, whichever is applicable.

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