Shed Siding Shed Repair In Stevens Pennsylvania
Shed Repair In Stevens Pennsylvania
Shed Roof Shed Repair In Stevens Pennsylvania

Before the Shed Repair

Shed Door Shed Repair In Stevens Pennsylvania

After the Shed Repair

Location of this Shed Repair: Stevens, Pennsylvania

This 12×20 Barn style shed in Stevens, Pennsylvania got repaired and got another life. As is evident from the pictures, this shed needed some serious help. We added new shed siding with the addition of new roof and new replacement shed doors, this shed should last another lifetime!

Repairs Completed on this Storage Shed in Stevens, PA

The Shed Owners Story

Colors Used on this Shed Repair

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Amazing Shed Repairs

Jonny did an amazing job of repairing our shed. Great communication. Easy to work… Read more “Amazing Shed Repairs”

Seamless Work

Jonathan did a great job repairing the bottom of our shed. It had some rot in different areas. Jonathan removed the bottom part and replaced it all around the shed. He then repainted the shed. We have to tell people that it was repaired. The line is almost invisible. Jonathan was polite and respectful and… Read more “Seamless Work”