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How To Install Vinyl Siding On A Shed

How to install vinyl siding on a Shed

Covered T111 shed with vinyl siding. Narrowed the door opening to 3′ then added wood door

 Vinyl Siding Shed Repairs

What do you do when the bottom of the shed is rotted?

Before Repair

Sheds will deteriorate after years of being weathered. But take courage there is a much cheaper option than getting rid of your old shed and paying “out the nose” for a new shed. When you take a close look there is only a few area’s that will rot. This shed was rotted around the bottom T111 and the 2×4’s around the bottom perimeter. I removed the doors, cut 1′ high all the way around the shed. Then I removed the pieces and the perimeter 2×4’s and replaced with treated wood. I then added a 1′ piece of plywood to replace the old piece I cut out. After that I wrapped the facia and overhang with aluminum.

Facia and Overhangs wrapped with aluminum

Now it’s time for vinyl so I installed the corners and vinyl siding placing the starters and J channel where was needed.

I partially covered the door opening to make the size for a 3′ door. Then I built and painted the door and installed it. This door was made with wood but I also have fiberglass doors available.

   So that’s how to install vinyl siding on a shed!

Storage Shed Repair in Lancaster PA


Storage Shed Repair


Storage Shed Reroof, Replacing Panels, and Repainting,

This shed repair needed new side panels, shingles, and paint. Also repaired the trim on the doors and added new hinges and door latch. With new shed roofing, painting, and door hardware this shed looks brand new!


The shed roofing I use is 30 year architectural shingles. This is the finished product ready for another 20 years of storage. The cost was only a fraction of the cost of a new shed!